Sunday, March 28, 2010

Who Runs 100 Miles?

My brother-in-law Billy, that's who! What an amazing event to witness! He did it in 29 hours 15 minutes...last year he was only able to complete 62.5 miles of the 100. This year he completed! Huge accomplishment for him and BJ and I were so honored and proud to be there to cheer him on. BJ even did one lap (12.5 miles) with him...#7 of 8. Christine (his wife) did the last lap with him. I did not do a lap since I was to be taking it easy but I did play official photographer. Took pictures from each lap...really neat to see the progression of emotion from Billy as the day wore on. The picture below is from the end of lap 4...50 miles complete. Look at that smile!

On the IVF...I peed on a stick (POAS...for those that don't know the term). Of course it was negative...I am only 7 days past a 2 day transfer. But I was inspired by some fellow IVFers...two of the couples in our cycle got positives today. One is only 1 day ahead of us...she told me she got negatives Thursday, Friday, and Saturday...then today got a positive. So I went and bought tests (um...actually 5) and immediately did one. So it was not first morning urine and early...trying to decide if I should test tomorrow morning or wait until Tuesday. pee or not to pee. That is the question!

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