Saturday, April 25, 2009

starting over

So I am starting over with this blog. I have been a bad blogger and not posted anything since January! Yikes!!! I guess time just away from me.

Here are the updates for those that are interested.

Air Force: BJ did not get in...due to the AF meeting it's quota of dental officers. They never even looked at his application packet...the one we spent months putting together. Kind of pissed us off but we quickly got over it. Sgt. Joe was less than steller...he came to our meeting (which he gave us the news of not being selected) wearing ripped jeans, a baggy sweatshirt and a skull cap. Not exactly professional looking. Anywho, we have moved on. BJ still wants to pursue the military so he looked into the Navy and the Army. He decided to put an application package together for the Navy and at this point it is in the final stages. We are hoping to know something by the summer.

Pets: All four are good! The pups are happier that the weather has been nicer recently and they get to go back to the dogpark...their favorite place! The cats as always wish the dogs would go to the park and not come back. Tiga has been escaping out the front or back door at every opportunity. Tinsley has made a few attempts but quickly realizes that it much safer in the house...I think being gone for 3 months showed him that being home is the smartest idea.

We have been doing a lot around the house. BJ planted some new grass seed, in hopes that our lawn will make a comeback. We recovered the ottoman with a fantastic fabric from Joann's. It is from their Big Kahuna collection and goes so nice with our island feel in the living room. I will have to take some pics and post them...I know, I know...promises, promises.

Hope everyone enjoys the nicer weather!