Monday, March 22, 2010

Tales From My Couch

So here I lie on the couch. I am so bored but I know this is for the best right now. Of course nothing is happening least that I can feel. Hopefully our little embryo is growing and splitting and doing exactly what it needs to do right now. It will be a few more days before it actually attaches to my uterus.

BJ had to leave not long after we got home yesterday for Bethesda. He has a course there that he is taking and it is not something he could reschedule or do another time. Before he left he got me all set up here on the couch, made me some lunch and took care of the pups and kitties for the day. And right before he walked out the door, he kissed me and then put his hand on my belly and said "stay in there little one". I, of course, got tear-eyed. Those lovely hormones again! But I will even admit..on a non-hormone day...that would be one of the sweetest things he has ever said to me. I love this man!

So yesterday was a whirlwind of emotions for us. The excitement of the transfer, the slight let down that only one embryo had made it through the night and now the worry and hope that it works. Another roller coaster ride! On the ride home it hit me...right now, right this minute...I am pregnant! I am a mom! BJ is a dad! We are parents! We have decided (I think) to bask in the hope and optimism that this has worked. Until some test tells us otherwise....We Are Pregnant!

I came across a Chinese Gender Predictor online last night and I thought what the hell...let's see what it says. Well, right now it says we are having a boy. Thought I would put that down here so that when we actually find out...we can compare. And speaking of finding is still a debate in our house. I don't want to find out until the baby is actually born...BJ wants to know ahead of time. Knowing that we were doing IVF, the possibility of multiples was on the horizon...because of that I was wavering on finding out. It made sense, I guess, to know ahead of time so that we could plan and purchase things before the babies arrived. Well, now we are looking at one baby and I am back to wanting to wait to find out. BJ is on the fence now. I figured that nothing was a surprise when it came to getting pregnant, at least we could preserve this one last surprise. We will see who wins the battle! :)

Also yesterday, Dr. P showed us a picture of our embryo. It was the most beautiful thing ever! We will have to wait to get that picture (I am pretty sure he said we could have it some time later?) but they did give us a picture of the embryo being placed. I scanned it in and thought i would post it here for you all to see. The two pictures are the same...printed on one page and I did not crop it down. So what do you see? There are 3 bright lines...our embryo is the one on the top....can't remember what the other two are but the top one is our embryo. Oh and on a funny note the black abyss at the top of the picture...that would be my overly full bladder! I had even gone to the bathroom on the way there (about an hour before the transfer) but then drank a nice big bottle of water during the rest of the drive. Proof now for my husband that when I say I have to pee...I really mean it! Even when I just went an hour ago! Also, I would like to point out that peeing in a bedpan...very difficult, actually for me impossible. I had to go so bad but had to stay lying on my back for 30 minutes...I tried twice with the bedpan and just couldn't do it. I held it until Nurse D told me I could get up...then I ran for the bathroom!

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