Friday, March 12, 2010

The comforts of home!

I love our house. I love our comfy couch in our family room. And I especially love our bed!

After a long week spent at Fort Bragg...I am home for the weekend. My next appointment is not until Monday morning so I decided that I missed my husband, my puppies and my kitties...I am going home! I would rather be lazy at home with my husband than be lazy by myself.

My appointment this morning went well. I am back to 9 follies...not sure if she missed one on Wednesday or what but I am very happy to have 9 again. It is amazing how attached to these follies one can get. I feel like they are already my babies and I have to nurture and protect them. :) My estradiol level is now at 205...happy with that rise. I talked to my mom afterwards and she reminded me that sometimes slow and steady wins the race...aka The Tortoise and The Hare. I would be the tortoise. Maybe we should look at baby bedding with turtles on it? So I am staying status quo on my meds and hopefully on Monday I will have even better numbers!

So when I got home, the pups were soooo happy to see me. Kona has not stopped sniffing and licking me. Tully is being extra snuggly. I just love my little fur-babies! BJ and I were skyping all week and the pups were fascinated that they could hear my voice but had no idea where I was. Kona was kind of picking up that I was "in" the computer...Tully not so much. He kept looking around the house for me. We are all good now though....

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LilPeach said...

Have an awesome restful weekend. Don't forget it's the Saturday night to turn the clocks forward!