Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Am A Terrible Blogger.

Really terrible.

Maybe it is because I am now trying to keep up with a baby. And I am sure it does not help that as of right now I am doing it alone.

I am blessed that Madison is sleeping through the night but when I get her into bed...anywhere from 7pm to 8pm...then it is time to straighten up the chaos that has happened from the day. And after an hour of that, I am d.o.n.e.! But I would not change this predicament for anything in the world. I love my little distraction more than words can ever explain.

She is getting to a really fun age now. Past the tiny baby stage where all they do is cry and sleep and poop and give you an occasional smile that could be totally related to gas. I can say her name and she looks right at me and gets this big grin. She has discovered toys and loves anything that makes noise or music. She truly melts my heart in a way that only a child could.

So we have been pretty busy. Lots of meetings for me which means that Maddie goes to drop-in daycare. The ladies love her there and she seems to like it too. We have gotten to skype a lot with Daddy which is awesome. He may not be here but I feel like he is not missing too much of her life. And he still gets to help us out with things like searching for a good car rental deal for our trip to Seattle. I love that man!