Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Am Not Textbook

Well, I did my trigger last night. And honestly, it was not bad. I put an ice pack on my behind for about a half hour...BJ mixed the med...and then the job was done. Easy peasy! It honestly felt like a pressure on my skin and then he was done. So happy. This morning I went in for my bloodwork at Camp Lejeune. (Oh yea, I came home from Fort Bragg...trigger was at 11 pm and I felt bad that my poor husband was going to have to drive 2 1/2 hours each way to come for a 2 minute thing.) A few hours later I got the call from Dori...

My level was low (shocking...that is the story of this IVF!) and I needed to do a second trigger. Fabulous. Bad thing....I had to have it done pronto. So I packed up my meds, grabbed an ice pack and drove onto base. Yep that's right...had to go to BJ's office to have him give me the shot. Great. So needless to say, it is done...not horrible but hurt a touch more than last night. This is what I get for saying that last night's trigger was my last shot for this IVF cycle. Definitely karma for something...was I that bad of a kid?

So anyhow...since I am now back at home...I thought I better update and figured I would also include some pics that I took from my time at Fort Bragg.

Here is the lovely ultrasound room...before said procedure. The room has three machines and is divided by curtains...yes curtains! How much fun is it that you can hear EVERYTHING that is going on in the curtain next to you...including pregnant moms having ultrasounds. Kind of hard to hear when things are not going the way you want.

Fort Bragg's hospital...where all my appointments have been taking place...this is not where the actual making of the baby happens (I will take pictures of that tomorrow!) but all my ultrasounds/bloodwork, etc. does. I am so thankful for this program and for Dr. P and Nurse D.

The Fisher House...I stayed here during the cycle. It is a foundation that provides a home away from home for patients/family members that are receiving medical care at the hospital. There are 7 rooms...each with their own bathroom. There is a shared full kitchen, dining room and living room. Looking at the house in this room is on the second floor to the right.

And because I love him so! My husband! On Monday, the base switched to the desert cammies for the spring and summer and I guess into the fall as well. Since I was at Fort Bragg, I did not get to see him in them for the first time that day. So I took this picture this morning! I love the deserts and the fact that he gets to roll up his sleeves. So sexy! And we found out recently that there is going to be a dining out in May....yay for getting to get dressed up! And BJ will be wearing his dress, hello Sailor!

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