Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today is a new day!

So after yesterday's I am going back to my "eternal optimism, positive thinking, Susie sunshine" self.

Today is a down day for appointments, no plans. Well, I can't say "no plans" because I have decided that I need to do something. So today I am going to go get my hair cut...nothing major...just a trim really. And I might go get a mani/pedi. Spa day for Susanne! I think I deserve a little bit of pampering...for all the shots that I have been inflicting on myself. ;)

I am also researching airfare today for our trip to Seattle in June. Hopefully I will find something that works with our budget...thankfully our dates are kind of flexible. We just need to be there for sure for my uncle's wedding and we can play around with the dates before and after that. I am so excited to visit my is always way too long in between trips.

So, back to my positive outlook. Last night I had a dream that I was pregnant...and as with every pregnant day in the last few months...I was pregnant with twins. In this dream, I had felt the babies moving and grabbed BJ's hand and put it on my belly. He got to feel the babies too. He was beyond excited to have that moment. I woke up this morning with one of those "did that really happen?" feelings. Then I looked around the room and realized that we are not quite there yet...yet. And I am okay with that because I can see that light at the end of the tunnel...I know that I am going to be pregnant at the end of this. I know it.

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