Friday, March 19, 2010

Egg Retrieval Update

We are home. I am feeling fantastic! I completely thought I would feel like crap...I have been really tired and yucky feeling all cycle...but nope I feel amazing! I am taking it easy...out on the deck enjoying the nice weather and watching BJ do yard work. Lucky me!

So for the report....they went into 4 follies and initially thought we got 4 eggs but upon further inspection...there are 3. We have 1 that is fully mature and looks great and 2 that are slightly less mature but still look okay. Dr. P thinks those 2 have a good chance of catching up and the plan is to ICSI all 3 of them. I should get a phone call from him tomorrow to let me know how the fertilization went and how they are doing. At this point we are unsure of when we are going to transfer (depends on how the little embies are doing at the lab) but it could be either Sunday or Monday. Sunday would be great so that BJ could be there (he is going to Bethesda for a course all next week) but I have a back up plan in place for a Monday transfer.

I know this going to sound crazy but I kind of miss my little eggs. I wish I could go look at them and cheer them on...tell them to grow nice and strong. Already being a mom I guess. :) Keep our little eggs in your prayers tonight that they become rockstar embryos!

We are having beautiful weather today and I am enjoying it! I have my gatorade...just wish it had some vodka in it!

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Barb said...

I felt the same way about missing my eggs after ER. Just remember they're growing strong and will be back with you soon! My thoughts and prayers are with you! Good luck on Sunday or Monday!