Thursday, March 4, 2010

First day of shots done!

I did it! Well, actually BJ did it for me this morning but I did the one this evening. Not gonna lie...I cried this morning when I tried to do it myself. BJ was right there and he asked me if i wanted him to do it. Of course I said yes...I'm not dumb! But even with him doing it, I still had tears. It stung a bit...not sure why. He was quick with it. (God I hope he did not inject it too fast!?!) So all my mind kept thinking about today was that I had to do it again in 12 hours.

We had our dinner and then it was time for my next shot. I got everything ready and BJ stood there again. He told me he was not helping with this one. So I took a deep breathe and did it. It was not as bad as the first one. Holy shit my hands were shaking though! Tomorrow we "graduate" to the big stuff...same size needle but more liquid. Eye on the prize!

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