Saturday, July 25, 2009

I <3 these shoes!!!!

I just got these shoes today. After a week of thinking about them....and obsessing about them. (I only mentioned them to BJ about 1 million times!) He got them for me as my anniversary gift. I LOVE THEM!!!!! Here is a picture of them.....

So they are Calvin Klein's and I got them at DSW. So of you may have heard me obsessing about them during this past week. They are so cute on and I think they will look really good with a maxi dress I got in South Carolina while we were on vacation! Oh and even though they have a high heel...super comfy to walk in!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Finally...a weekend with no big plans!

BJ and I have had a very busy summer so far. And the way it's going to continue to be busy. As it stands right now, every weekend in August has plans except one! Just give me some time and I am sure that I can fill that up! This past weekend was one of the rare ones this summer where we had no real plans and just kind of did whatever.

Friday we went to the Holy Cross at Buttonwood bazaar. Now for those that have no clue as to what this is the short version. Holy Cross is the church that BJ's grandmother (his dad's mom) attended before she died. Every year they have this big bazaar as a fundraiser. The church puts up a big tent and they have bands that play, dollar wheels, instant bingo tickets and games for the kids to play. But the more important thing is the FOOD! BJ's grandmother was one of the pierogi makers for many years and BJ and his family would always go to the bazaar to meet up with his cousins and pig out on all the fantastic bazaar food....pierogis, potato pancakes, haluski, wimpies (sloppy joes to us normal folks!) and funnel cake. Now that we are older this list also includes beer! :-) So the two of us went and hung out at the bazaar and ate and drank a little but it was pouring rain...this equals not so much fun. We left and headed to Rodano's to meet up with Kristen and the Brians. Who do we run into there? Cousin Diane, her fiance Paul and her three kids, Deanna, Mikey, and Mikayla (hope I spelled that right?)! It was nice to just hang out and catch up!

Saturday, we had a laid back day...dogs to the dogpark in the morning, hair appointment for me in the afternoon, bike ride after that and the relaxed for a bit until we went to Keri and Geol's for a get together. On Sunday, we slept in and then I went and had lunch with my friend Sandi. Came home and chilled out for awhle then we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse followed by the bazaar again but with Kristen. This time we ran into BJ's Aunt Bev and Uncle Tom and his cousin Tammy and her fiance Gary and awhile later Tammy's two boys, Austin and Dawson. Again so much fun to catch up with them!

So now it begins another week...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am an aunt (again!)

My brother James and his wife Jessica had their little girl today! It is their first child and they are very excited that she is finally here. BJ and I are, of course shamelessly, sharing the news as "the arrival of our god-daughter"...even though we had very little to do with any of it. Would it be in poor taste to send out announcements? Just kidding!

James sent me one picture so far of Olivia June. It was a text message picture so the quality is not the greatest but I am going to share anyways.

How precious is she???? My mom says she looks like James as a baby...I don't really remember what he looked like but I definitely see my brother in there and she does look a little bit like Jessica as well. My favorite describtion of how/who she looks like comes from my wonderful husband...."she looks like a baby, a squishy baby, a fresh squishy baby." Too funny! So I will let you decide here is a pic of James and Jessica from our wedding....who do you think she looks like?

Congrats to James, Jessica and baby Olivia! We can;t wait to come and visit you all! And just so it is on record....when we do come and visit, I get to hold her the WHOLE time! :-)

Monday, July 13, 2009

A video of the dogs at the beach

While we were in South Carolina, we took Tully and Kona along with Pugua and Koa (Billy and Christine's dogs) down to the boat launch area on the base. Tully was in all his glory...running like a crazy dog around the beach. Kona was her usual curious self...she was very interested in the crabs that were crawling on the beach.

This is the first time I have really taken any video with our camera...enjoy!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

An official unofficial announcement

Most everyone knows this but I am putting it out there for any of you who may not have been informed yet. BJ's status with the Navy has been moved to "pre-select officer candidate". Basically we are waiting on all of his paperwork to be signed off and then he will be moved to a status of "officer select". It is at that point that things will begin to happen for his commissioning and we will be on the home-stretch.

I have been hesitate to post this because I don't want to put the bad juju on anything but like I said most of you know this and this whole announcement is not new news to you. Right now it is typical "hurry up and wait" military stuff. It seems like it is taking FOREVER!

On a bit of an update...we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on July 1. It was kind of weird because it was our first one that we both had to work that day. We ended up meeting for dinner at Pazzo's (an Italian restaurant in Plains) and had a great meal. Much better than last year! I felt like we were going on a date. Too funny! Then a couple of days later we left for our vacation in South Carolina. We drove down to Billy and Christine's (thanks to both of you for letting all of us stay with you!) and stayed this past week. We had a bunch of fun and way too much drinking...slushies at Wet Willie's were insane! BJ, Billy, brother Brian and boyfriend Brian went golfing while Christine, Kristen and myself had a girl's day of mani/pedi's and shopping. We made the long drive home on Saturday and it only took us 12 hours and 8 minutes (a personal best for us) with only 2 stops for gas, food, and potty break for the pups!

Here are some pics of our trip.....

waiting for the fireworks to start on Parris Island

the guys golf day

BJ, Billy, boyfriend Brian, brother Brian

Brian, Kristen, Billy and BJ at Wet Willie's enjoying an adult slushie

There was a lot of Wii playing in the evenings.

Plenty of chillaxin' on the beach...okay really it was the beach bar but close enough!

and some of us struck the model pose...