Saturday, September 12, 2009

So what do you think of North Carolina?

Yep that's right...we are going to North Carolina. Camp LeJeune to be exact. It is near the beach for all you beach lovers and we are hoping to get a house with at least 3 bedrooms (maybe 4!) so we will have lots of room for guests! Make your reservations now for Chez Volinski!

So here is the latest scoop to go along with this little announcement....

We got the official word about two weeks ago that BJ was fully approved to get commissioned into the Navy. That began the whole process of getting his comdocs (commissioning documents) together as well as starting on getting his orders all set.These two things were happening simultaneously but in separate locations. The detailer (the person who puts the orders together) called BJ and gave him our options.

Option 1.) A base in Washington state (not sure which one) for a year and then 2 years at Okinawa, Japan; 29 Palms, California or Yuma, Arizona. These would all be small bases and BJ's short-term goal with his Navy career is to get into a post-grad program at Bethesda Naval Hospital. In order to get into this program, you have to have letters of recommendations from 4 senior dental officers. It would be very difficult to obtain these if we were at small bases.

Option 2.) Camp LeJeune, NC for 3 years. LeJeune is a huge base. They have 79 dentists spread out through the dental clinics on base. This would make it very easy for BJ to network and obtain the needed letters of recommendation to get into the program.

So it was a hard choice to make but we had to put more weight on his career and less on the opportunity to live near my family. We are used to traveling to see my family and we will still do that at least once a year. Our time here in Pennsylvania is going to go by very quickly, we will be moving to North Carolina by the end of November...right around Thanksgiving! So come visit us before we move and of course afterwards!