Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Final Follie Check

First of all I want to thank those of you that called me today to check on me. It really touched my heart that so many of my friends are thinking and praying for us through this journey...and the fact that I had not updated the blog caused extra concern. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love each and every one of you so much!

So the update for those that don't know:

We had our final follie check today. Dr. P did my ultrasound himself...I was very happy about this given my lack of trust with the ultrasound tech. It probably would not have mattered much because it seems that she has been pretty darn accurate this whole time. Dr. P measured 4 follicles today that are close in size. He tries to focus on one cluster of follies that are similar in size to one another, so that they can get more, better quality eggs. His measurements today were 13, 15, 15, and 16. Dr. P told me he is willing to trigger at 15...since the 36 hours will allow those follies to grow another 2-3mm...that means we should have 3 good follicles that measure around (hopefully!) 18-19mm. Follicles are assumed to have a mature egg at 18mm. His only concern would be my estradiol level. He wanted to see me somewhere around was 972 today. He was happy with this and said it was up to BJ and me as to whether or not we wanted to trigger tonight or cancel.

BJ and I talked it out...well I cried and he remained level headed....and we decided to go ahead and trigger. It is kind of like a hail mary pass....big game, end of the 4th quarter, game tied, no time outs left, what do you do do kind of decision. If we had cancelled, there is no way to know exactly what will happen with future cycles...and let's face it I am not getting any younger. With every month that passes, my eggs diminish and that means we could end up with a worse result than what we have now. Of course it could go the other way and we could get a great result! Very much a what if game...

But regardless, we have decided to take our chances and salvage what we can from this cycle. We are trying to remain positive and keep saying the mantra "it only takes one to get pregnant". While we do know that we may end up with no mature eggs...we feel like we need to at least try. So I am getting my trigger at 11 pm tonight...ER is set for 11 am on Friday. We are very hopeful that we will get 3 mature eggs and that we will get our baby in the end. No room for negative thoughts!


Annie said...

I know it's not the numbers you're looking for, but I'm rooting for you, hun! Hoping Friday brings great things.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm from fertile thoughts. Your cycle is very similar to my last cycle. (I posted about it on the military pregnancy board). On my trigger day, my estradiol was just over 1000, and I ended up with 6 mature eggs, 5 fertilized. We put back 3 embryos (a grade 3-average, and 2 grade 4's-poor quality)and had a baby girl. I'm betting you might get 5 mature eggs since your estradiol is at 972. Please don't lose faith. I've done 3 cycles; 2 were successful. I've always been a slow responder and never had more than 7 mature eggs retrieved. At any rate, I pray it all works out for you. Good luck!

The Wife said...

Thank you both for the kind thoughts! I am about 15 minutes away from trigger and feeling terified, excited and nervous all at the same time. I have nothing but HOPE!