Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Trying to stay positive

So my second follie check was today. If you remember from Monday...I had 9 follies, all measuring 6-7mm. My estradiol level was 32. Nurse D told me that I was right where they wanted me to worries. I continued my meds the same as I was doing.

Well, today I had only 8 follies and the varied in size 4mm to 11mm. Nurse D and Dr. P are expecting that the 11 will get over-ripe as well as the one behind it at 9...that leaves me with 6 follies. At least they are all about the same size. Nurse D just called awhile ago and said my estradiol level was 87. She wanted to see it above 100. This really freaks me out. She is having me add an additional Menopur to my now I at 150 iu of Gonal F, 150 iu Menopur and 20 units of Lupron. Please God let this combination work. Nurse D also mentioned that I may have push back the ER date from Wednesday to Thursday or Friday...just to give the stims more time to work. This is fine with me but that means that BJ would miss the transfer...sad but we do what we have to do. I have a back up plan for getting to the transfer without him so I don't have to stress about that!

Not long after getting my news about my bloodwork, my friend Meg texted me and asked how I was doing. My response was not my jovial self and that prompted her to call me. She told me just what I needed to hear...don't focus on the numbers, stay positive and know that this is going to work. Thanks Meg! It is nice to know that your friends and family are rooting for you and saying lots of prayers...even when you are feeling down.

Life here at Fort Bragg is a bit slow...lots of time spent reading my book and hanging out online. I did go venture out for some shopping yesterday...nothing too exciting but shopping none-the-less! I am trying to learn my way around base (or is it post when you are on an Army base?) and did just drive around a bit. I am thinking of checking out some of the museums that are here as well. Fisher House is really quiet...I should be thankful for that...and last night when I went downstairs to get my Lupron out of the fridge, the whole place was dark. All 8 rooms are occupied but you would never know that...I have only really seen one other guest and the house staff in the three days that I have been here.


LilPeach said...

So glad Meg talked to you after you talked to Nurse D. Sounds like she echoed what I said about not focusing on the numbers but just relaxing and thinking positive thoughts.
Remember, although things can be discouraging at times, everyone is praying and thinking positive thoughts for you. That's got to be worth something. Just do every little thing they tell you to do and get as much rest as possible.
Love you so much!

The Wife said...

Thanks Mom!

Annie said...

You better stay positive, girl! Since I had to cancel this cycle, I'm living vicariously through you. You're going to get your BFP this round... no question!


The Wife said...

Thanks Annie! I promise to "Soldier" on...pun intended!