Friday, March 26, 2010

So How Are You Doing?

Or maybe I should say that like Joey from Friends..."Howa you doin'?" Well, my answer...good and bad. Don't anyone freak out quite yet.....

Really I am feeling great. I spent all day Sunday and all day Monday laying on the couch. Flat on my back...except of course when I had to get up. Oh and when Meg brought me Wendy's for lunch! I had a major craving for a bacon and blue cheeseburger and a frostie....yum! I stayed home on Tuesday and kept resting but allowed myself to sit up more. I know it was probably overkill but for my own (and BJ's) peace of mind...this has been a really lazy week. A friend came on Wednesday to take me out to was so nice to get out of the house! But I was wiped after! And finally yesterday...I went out by myself! Yay! I took Tully to the groomer, got my car washed, went to the exchange, and stopped in to visit with Karen. Loved getting out!

As far as any symptoms...not really sure. I have been having this tight, pulling feeling really low. From everything I have read it could be from implantation....please let it be from implantation! No spotting...thank God. My boobs are kind of tender...not horrible but definitely different. I am not entirely sure that I can blame that on pregnancy quite yet. I think it might be the progesterone supplement that I am on...who knows?

So for the bad...I got a call from Nurse D yesterday. She was calling to check on me...of course i told her I was doing good. She told me the pulling feeling is normal...don't freak out. But then she told me the bad news. I am taking Endometrin as a progesterone supplement. It is a vaginal suppository...sorry for the TMI!....that I have to insert every 8 hours. I have to take this until we go for our pregnancy test. If the test is negative...I stop the progesterone (duh!). If it is positive...I have to stay on the progesterone until I am 12 weeks along. Bad news...there is a national shortage of these suppositories. That means when I run out...I have to switch to the dreaded PIO (do you remember my freak out of this from a previous post?). This means a daily shot in my ass! Holy crap! When Nurse D told me this I got queasy...honestly I thought I was done with shots and needles for awhile. Yes I know that I was going to have a few more blood draws...and then of course there is the whole labor thing. (And while right now, not even confirmed pregnant yet, I am planning to go as natural as possible...I know I will most likely have to get an IV...meaning no epidural please!) But the daily shot...thought I was done! So I went this morning to double check how much of this gold that I had in supply. Not counting the box I am currently using....I only have 3. Fuck! There are only 21 tablets in each box...this is easy math...I have three weeks left! My heart dropped to my toes. I am going to have to do PIO shots. Right now...I can't quite wrap my head around it. I feel like I need to focus on finding out if this worked first and deal with PIO later.

Nurse D told me that she is trying to round up any leftovers that former patients have from their cycles. I am so hoping that she finds some....please God let her find some!


Christa said...

I have two or three boxes of leftover Endometrin if you want them

The Wife said...

YES!!!!! You are my new BFF! I will message you on FB later!

cntrygrl23 said...

I had given Dori some left over that I had. Check with her to see if she still has it. (It may be to old???)