Thursday, September 2, 2010

Waiting Out The Storm

Well, we are sitting here tonight...waiting and watching for Hurricane Earl to hit. Our exact area is not under any evacuations but some places very close to us have been evacuated. Our first hurricane....yay! So before we lose any electricity, I figured an update is in order...

I know this will be repetitive for some of you....apparently if I don't update the blog, I get phone calls asking what is going on! I feel so loved!

As of right now, we are on the schedule for the September cycle. However my body is not exactly cooperating with that schedule. I was supposed to get AF about 2 1/2 weeks ago...yes you read that correctly, I am 2 1/2 weeks late for my period. Now don't get all excited and tell me I might be pregnant....I'm me...I have had blood drawn. So Dr. P put me on has been 7 days and still nothing. Nurse D told me not to panic....yet. At this point we are going to try for a "natural" cycle...which means that I will not take those dreaded BCP's. Hells to the yeah! But that also means that I need to start AF hopefully by Saturday or Sunday...but I could go as long as Wednesday before they will cancel me from the cycle. So please send any and all AF vibes this way that she will make her appearance this weekend. That would be ideal.

So the plan....if AF does what she needs to do, I will go straight onto stims starting CD 2 with lupron and then the big guns start CD 3 with bravelle and menopur. Depending on what day she arrives, that will decide how much meds we will start with. We are very much in a holding pattern with lots of variables to consider....this is so my life! Good thing that I am pretty flexible...even for a chunky girl!

I do have one less stress though when it comes to this cycle. BJ moved his eye surgery. After many conversations and realizing that it would be bad for us both to be laid up at the same time, he decided that moving his surgery would be best and that means we won't have to freeze sperm. That's I will have that $200 to go buy a new purse. Oh what I didn't tell you? Yes my husband was trying to use the "it's only $200" as a reason to freeze his sperm. Guess what honey...that new coach purse that I want is "only $200"....if it is not that big of a deal than I think I have some shopping to do!

My mental state is relatively calm and hopeful...yes I said hopeful...right now. I really am hopeful that it will work this time. We will get to ER and ET. We will get pregnant. And we will be parents. What do you think of the name Earl? (Just kidding!)


LilPeach (aka Laura) said...
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Hoping AF comes right away!! Good luck with the stims & the hurricane!