Monday, September 27, 2010

House Arrest - Day 1 I don't have an ankle bracelet like Lindsey but I am now confined to the house for the next few days.

Our transfer went very issues at all. The only "wrinkle" was that Dr. P said that we had an option to do assisting hatching. It is one thing that I know very little about in the IVF world. But he explained what the purpose is and after some thought and discussion...we decided to go for it. And of course it comes with its own little price tag....$750. We know now that we have done everything and anything to make this cycle a success. The reality is that this is likely our last attempt at IVF...given our track record of very few follicles that result in only one viable embryo at transfer time, we are just not sure about spending another $6600+ for one more cycle. We are not really ready to have to conversation about embryo adoption or any other options yet...we just need to get through this cycle first and take some time to grieve and make a decision about that next step.

But for now we are so very hopeful....basking in the possibility of becoming parents. I also snuck a picture of our little without further ado, I present embryo V!

Since it is a bit difficult to type on my laptop while lying flat on my back...I am cutting this short. Promise more updates as the days pass!

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Anonymous said...

I am sending you lots of sticky dust. We did assisted hatching for IVF #2 and I got pregnant.