Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not Triggering......Yet

So no trigger for tonight...I'm kind of bummed. We had hoped that we would trigger tonight and retrieve on Thursday because it would mean only 1 day off of work for BJ. Not that taking 2 is a huge deal but he is trying to get his oral surgery rotation done before his eye surgery. For the love of God...why does everything have to be complicated for us!

My ovaries are doing good though. Dr. P did my scan again today...which I don't mind but he does not always measure every single follicle. Yes this is a big change from IVF #1 when I was freaking out that Jen, the ultrasound tech, had "lost" a bunch of my follicles and that her measurements were not the same as Dr. P's. So anywho...back to my ovaries. Dr. P measured 6 follicles - 5 were 16's and 1 was a 10. He also saw at least one other on my left ovary but did not measure it because he could not get a clear view of it...without examining my tonsils along with it. So we stand at 6 with a possible 7. My e2 is 1408. Nurse D said I am doing fantastic.


We are not triggering tonight because they want me to stim one more day...try to get those follicles bumped up a bit more. So back to the dildo cam again tomorrow morning....ugh. I hate that thing.

Christa and I are still having fun though. She went with me this morning and we took Joan the Fertility Unicorn with us and had some fun taking her picture. And who is Joan you ask. She is a mascot for an online group of infertiles and she is even sprinkled with baby dust. Yesterday, we found her at Michael's and had to buy her so that she could bring us some luck...please enjoy!

We also made t-shirts to wear to retrieval and transfer...the things you do when you are out of town for an IVF cycle and bored out of your mind! And I did promise a picture of the IVF cake we made yesterday with G. So without further adieu....I present the great IVF cake!


Melis.sa said...

i love the cake and the unicorn! Frankly, they're both AWESOME.

GROW follies GROW!! I hope you have a bunch of nice fatties at tomorrow's appointment!

LilPeach (aka Laura) said...

Peanut butter & jelly.
Pickles & ice cream.

Anonymous said...

I love the cake. My MIL would have been mortified if I made that while I was visiting her last week.