Friday, September 17, 2010

New Look For The Blog....And A Follicle Check

So I was playing around with my blog...with some help from my IVF cycle buddy Christa. So what do you think?

So my follicle check....

I went it this morning for my 3rd follie check....and it was Dr. P doing my scan. He still measured 8 follicles but his measurements are slightly smaller than Jen's. Nurse D said that I should not worry about I am not. He did see at least one other follie but he did not measure it because as he put it "the other 8 look great". So I go back on Monday for my next should be a big day. Some think I may trigger that night...others (myself included) think I will trigger on Tuesday. BJ is hoping that it will be Tuesday so that I will retrieve on Thursday and our transfer will be Sunday...less work that he misses. So any guesses from anyone else?

Oh and check out my little sidebars from IVF #1 compared to this IVF numbers are so great! Third time is a charm!

We have a busy weekend ahead...of course, when I should be layin' low and resting. We have a wine and beer tasting night tonight and then tomorrow we are going to Casino Royale at the O'Club. It should be a lot of fun...last year it was sold out and people still talk about how much fun it was. Gambling, drinks and a cigar bar...what more could you ask for?

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LilPeach (aka Laura) said...

Love the good numbers and your new blog look! Oh...and I love you too!