Saturday, September 11, 2010

Same Stims, Different Cycle

The self torture has begun. This never really gets easier....but it does get more familiar. I never thought I would get used to purposely shoving a needle into my body. Still has not really quelled my fear of needles....they freak me the fuck out. When this actually works (and it will!) I may be in for a rude awakening with all the needles that will be a part of my life. But I stand firm on my decision to not have an epidural...unless of course they need to do a c-section. (Although truth be told...I would rather just be knocked out with a general anesthetic.) My fear of needles far outweighs my fear of childbirth. Even the thought of a needle being shoved in my back causes my heart to race and me to break out in a sweat.

So this is how it has been for the last couple of days have gone....

I got the green light (or the red light as my darling husband has been calling it) from Nurse D on Wednesday to start my stims on Thursday. So we started with lupron...yes the evil lupron that causes headaches and makes me feel like shit....on Thursday. Then yesterday morning we added in our full stims. The first shot made me feel a bit queasy afterwards...that was a first. My second shot yesterday had to be done at the club....and because lupron has to be kept cold, I brought my meds in an insulated lunch bag. Complete with ice packs. How fun! So at just before 6 pm, into the ladies room I went. Spread out all my meds on the counter and proceeded to mix them up into my single shot. I was waiting for some unsuspecting lady to walk in and find me jabbing a needle into myself...ala IV drug user. That could have been very awkward...and I probably would have been the talk of the club. Scandalous!

So we are just stimming away and our first check is on Monday...the beginning of my busy week. I have that appointment and I am going to go hang out with a infertility success story friend. (She has triplets from an IVF cycle done with Dr P.) Tuesday is the welcome aboard for my navy spouse club....and since I am on the board I get to make something to bring and help set up. I think it is going to be good turn out and lots of fun to meet a bunch of new ladies (and hopefully guys!). Then a fun girl's night out in the evening...and back to Womack on Wednesday. I am going to hang out there for a couple of days with a fellow IVF excited to see her again!....and then back home for the weekend. We have two events over the weekend, one on Friday and one Saturday....and then back to Womack on Sunday. Whew!

Grow follies grow!


Christa said...

So excited for this cycle! You know, I had the queasiness too during my shots. I thought it was odd. It seemed to lessen with the second shot but I still didn't feel great afterward. Thank God someone else felt that way, I thought I was going nuts said...

Praying for tons of follies!!

Scottie Mom said...

I love that you are just embracing the needles despite hating them. And picturing you with your lunch bag of meds as an acessory at the Officer's Club--it is THE fashion accessory of 2010! I am sure Chanel was showing it at Fashion Week.

Good luck with this cycle!