Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I've Got Some Rockin' Ovaries

Yep that's right! I have 8 follies...woo hoo! I could cartwheels...virtual ones of course, since we don't want to disturb them. They are currently in zen mode. My e2 is 167...which is great for now. So more stimming away and we go back on Friday!

So I am going to hang out here at Womack with a fellow IVFer (hi Christa!).


LilPeach (aka Laura) said...

Those are great numbers! Keep me posted.
Good luck for you and Christa this cycle. said...


cntrygrl23 said...

awesome E2! So Excited

cowgirltn said...

Grow follies grow.

We have retrieval tomorrow so we are cycle buddies. Here's to June 2011 babies.