Tuesday, September 28, 2010

House Arrest - Day 2


Okay I do realize that many people have had to be on bedrest for way longer than me and that it has only been barely a day...but holy moly this is boring! Thank God for great friends though. :)

Two friends came to hang out and bring me goodies today (thanks Karen and Steph!)...a decaf pumpkin spiced latte, cookies, and magazines! Who knew a person could get so excited over such little things? So they hung out for awhile...the three of us on my bed. (Yes it is really "bed"rest....BJ won't let me be downstairs with the pups. They love to jump up on the couch and lay on us and he is not cool with that right now.) I look like a hot mess...definitely taking a shower tonight! Bedrest is not a glamorous thing...but I got cute pj bottoms!

Nothing to report on the embryo front...it has only been one day. I am not even going to try to analyze symptoms....the endometrin kind of creates symptoms....and last time I swore up and down that I was having early pregnancy symptoms and we all know how that ended. So for now we are just kind of hanging out....hoping that BJ will let me come downstairs to watch Glee. Pretty please!

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Karen Larcombe said...

SORRY - I forgot to tell you the sock monkey pj bottoms were cute. I did notice. You looked MAHHHHVOLOUS DARLING. Sending prayers and good thoughts to you and "Echo" and BJ, of course