Monday, September 20, 2010

Keep On Keepin' On

Follie check today...I am looking good. Dr. P did my scan again this morning and he only measured the ones that were close in size...all are between 14 & 16. He said I would definitely not trigger tonight but tomorrow is a possibility. Nurse D seemed very pleased with everything as then I just had to wait for my e2.

But before that....Christa and I had some errands to do. We were on a mission to find some sperm to decorate our IVF cake. Umm...yeah....we are having a little IVF party. The two of us and our infertility coach G! We never found any sperm decor but decided to just pipe icing on the cake to look like sperm. So than began the next mission...we needed shirts and things to iron on them. So off to Michael's and we were all set. Those will be our project for later tonight!

We headed over to G's house and proceeded to make our slight mishap but it turned out great. I will have to post pics tomorrow...after I get the one I have uploaded. We got to hang with G's babies...she has triplets courtesy of Dr. P....and they are ADORABLE!

Nurse D called in the middle of cake e2 is 1050. I go back tomorrow morning and she said we are 95% sure that we will trigger tomorrow night. Yay! For the record...the first IVF, at this point, I had 5 follies with an e2 of we are still rockin'!