Saturday, September 25, 2010

Update Over The Last Couple Of Days

Sorry for not updating has been a bit of a roller coaster ride.

I ended up having to a second trigger shot on Thursday. My HCG blood draw was only 82....again they like to see it at 100. So when I got the call, I packed up my trigger meds, called BJ at work and headed over. At least he now has his own office and there was no risk of someone walking in. Silly me was wearing a dress...yep, had that pulled up to my waist!

So second trigger down and we were set for our 9 am retrieval. We got up bright and early...5 showered...let the pups out...BJ made himself a coffee (none for me since I was not allowed anything to eat or drink after midnight)...and we were on the road. About half way there, I realized that I had forgotten to bring my bag o' meds. I did not think too much of it though because last time I had very little pain. I just made sure to let Nurse D know that I did not bring anything with biggie, she could call my percocet into the pharmacy at Womack. So after a bit of a wait in the waiting room....they were busy with 4 ER's and several IUI's and ET's...we went back to get started. I got changed into my gown and lucky socks (I participated in a lucky sock exchange with an online message board that I frequent.) and headed into the holding room. The anesthesiologist went over my medical history and then started my IV. I cried a small bit but not as bad as the last time. Then it was time for ER.
My lucky socks!

I walked into the room and got all hooked up to the heart monitors, strapped into the stirups and they started the good meds....don't remember anything else after that! I woke up and the first thing I asked was "how many eggs?" and they told 5. I yelled "YES!" Dr. P popped his head in and said they had not scrubbed them down yet so he did not know how many were mature but he would find out shortly. Ms. G (one of Dr. P's nurses that help with the cycles) walked me to the recovery room and then got me banana bread and good! She went over my post-retrieval instructions and by the end of it Dr. P came back in to say that 3 were mature. I was thrilled. I know it is not that many eggs but it is 2 more than my first IVF cycle. He said they looked like nice strong eggs. So I got dressed and BJ came back. We then headed out...with a stop at CVS for some tylenol...I felt great and did not think I needed the percocet. We met up with Christa and her hubby for breakfast at Cracker Barrel...I was starving! After 2 1/2 hours driving home...I rested on the couch and BJ straightened up the house because they were coming to stay with us for the night.

I did get pretty uncomfortable last night and I did take some percocet before bed....and again at 3 am....but I doing good now. Just waiting for Dr. P to call with our fert report....please let all 3 fertilize normally!

3 comments: said...

Praying all three fertlize!!

Scottie Mom said...

Awesome news! I am sending fertilizing happy thoughts! I hope you get great news

Gurlee said...

Good news!! I am sending loads of positive fertilization thoughts to you and those eggies! Good luck.