Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gulp - Taking One For The Team

Got the word! We are triggering tonight....and now my stomach is in knots. I am terrified.

We have 6 good looking follicles that Dr. P measured...biggest is 18 and the smallest is 14. He also saw for sure one other follicle that looks in the 15-16 range but it is being elbowed out of the way by my monster 18. There were also about 3-4 other smaller follies. My lining is okay at 10...I am going to drink up some POM juice between now and transfer...and I am still waiting on my e2 level and the exact trigger time.

Even though I am terrified of that trigger shot (umm, is an inch and half long needle!), I am very much relaxed and at peace with this cycle. I have had so much fun doing silly things over the last few days. More laughter and less tears this go-round! I thought about going to a taroh card readed but ended up not doing it....just not sure that I want to hear what they want to say to me. I am hopeful and excited that this is my cycle. I don't need anyone else to tell me what might happen in my life....well, except maybe my hubby....but hell he doesn't even know! I kind of like living in this blissful state of euphoria!

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cowgirltn said...

I hope you get a great fertilization report you are so close to being pregnant.