Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Weekly Update

Oops...I forgot to do this yesterday. I am going to blame it on my FB friends that have gotten me hooked on Oregon Trail. Thanks ladies!

We are now on the down slope of pregnancy. Things are going well and staying very low-key. Like that! We purchased our furniture and some of it has already arrived at JC Penney...we just have to go pick it up. Hopefully that will happen later today when BJ gets home from duty. :) We are waiting to hear from the property owners if we can paint the room the color we want. The room has to get painted regardless because the walls are scuffed (that was done before we moved in) but it would great if we could do a color we like. Fingers crossed!

So without further ado......

How Far Along:
21 weeks (and 1 day today)
How Big is The Baby: She is about 3/4 of a pound and the length of a carrot.
Total Weight Gain: only about 1 pound lighter than when I started...the weight is starting to creep on.
Maternity Clothes: yes but still able to wear some non-maternity tops.
Sleep: I am waking up at least once a night to pee...whoever said that decreases during the 2nd trimester lied.
GENDER: It's a girl!!!
Movement: Finally! I felt the first tap on Sunday while I was driving...I was not sure it was real at first but this tapping has happened at least once a day every day since then. And she likes to play in the middle of the night...she woke me up (although I did have to pee) at about 3 am the other night. Gonna have to work on her schedule!
Food Cravings: Breakfast foods! :)
What I Miss: I was missing deli I cheated and had some.
What I'm looking forward to: Traveling to Seattle to visit my family! I am so excited to see everyone.
Milestones: She is moving!
Symptoms: I am peeing more often (way more than I did during the 1st tri) and still dealing with heartburn. Still hate Tums.

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Christa said...

OREGON TRAIL!?!?!? I'm going to have to check that out!!