Friday, February 18, 2011

My Weekly Update!

I know, I know...I missed a week. We were in Seattle for about a week and I decided not to take my laptop. And I am not adept at posting on my blog from my phone. I have a phone that should be able to that but I have never tried and honestly have no desire to try and type out a blog post on my phone. Talk about a pain in the ass!

We had a great time though and I ate lots of yummy food that I just can't get in North Carolina. I also spent a whole day with my mom shopping for this little girl. :) We went to a boutique store that carries the stroller that we want and test drove 2 strollers that we were deciding between. The store has such cute stuff and if we lived there I would end up spending lots of money there! We also hit up Old Navy and Gymboree. And that is where we found her little swimsuit for this summer...yay!

Since we live so close to the beach...this was an important task. We also had specific criteria for said swimsuit....I wanted a 2 piece for easy diaper changes, BJ wanted a suit that covered as much of her skin as possible to protect her from getting a sunburn. The suit I found fits both requests! It is a 2 piece and the top is a rash guard so it is like a t-shirt. And I found a matching hat! She will be looking adorable out at the beach this summer!

So onto the weekly update....

How Far Along:
23 weeks today!
How Big is The Baby: According to the books she should weigh over a pound by now and anywhere between 8 and 11 inches long.
Total Weight Gain: +3pounds....I know I am going to gain weight but this makes me a little sad. I guess all the yummy food I ate while visiting Seattle was not the best idea. :/
Maternity Clothes: yep!
Sleep: Sleep has been an issue this past couple of weeks...our trip was rough on me for sleep and the few days we have been home I have not slept that great.
GENDER: It's a girl!!! Although I will be honest...I am freaked out that the u/s tech was wrong. I have heard a few stories lately about people being told one gender and the baby was actually the other.
Movement: I feel her at least once a day but usually a few times a day. During one of our flights home, I actually saw my belly move! Has not happened since though.
Food Cravings: I guess you could call it a craving but I had 2 food requests while we were in Seattle. Taco Time and Burgermaster. I had them both.
What I Miss: Nothing too bad right now.
What I'm looking forward to: We are painting the nursery this weekend and all of her furniture and bedding has arrived so after the room is painted we will get everything in it's place!
Milestones: At my OB appointment this week, the doctor used the measuring tape to measure my belly for the first time! I am measuring 1 week ahead....hopefully that means she will be a nice healthy weight!
Symptoms: Nothing different...still have heartburn....still hate Tums.


LilPeach (aka Laura) said...

You need to correct your blog, Miss Pregnancy Brain. We didn't do Old Navy, we did Babies R Us.

It was so good to have you here for the week. I miss you tons already.

The Wife said...

Actually Mom...we did go to Old Navy. Just did not find anything there worth buying.