Thursday, February 24, 2011

Getting Involved!

So this is going to be totally not baby related! Shocking!

BJ and I were at the O'club last night for our normal happy hour..we go every Wednesday. It also happened to be the OWC Happy Hour. Only 4 ladies (besides myself and K...she also comes to HH every Wednesday) showed up but the 6 of us sat at a table and chit-chatted. I always love to just sit and hang out with girlfriends!

So the conversation turned to the OWC board for the upcoming year. Our current president was there and I mentioned that I would like to get involved more. I just was not sure how or where I would fit in. We started talking about available board positions and I decided to throw my hat in the ring for one of them.

So this morning...I emailed the powers that be and said I would like to take on the historian position. I would be responsible for documenting the year's events in pictures. How fun is that? It just means that I have to go to the events...which I already do....take pictures...which I enjoy doing and we even bought a new camera recently!...and then getting them published on the website. I can do this!

And I think it is something I can do with a small baby. Maddie will be a year old by the time the year is up and when things truly get rolling, she will be about 3 months old. So I will be more comfortable putting her in the drop-in daycare on base. I tend to preach the idea that you have to put yourself out there and get involved if you want to make a difference and now I am taking my own advice!

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LilPeach (aka Laura) said...

You go, girl! I am terribly proud of the woman you've become.