Friday, July 2, 2010

4 Wonderful Years!

We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary yesterday. Wow....has it really been 4 years? Time has flown by!

BJ had to work...which was fine. Past years we have both had to work...well except the first one which was on a this year was a bit strange to be home by myself but so is this new chapter in my life. lol He got home and we got ready to go out to dinner. (We go out to dinner on our anniversary ever year...hopefully we will be able to keep up this tradition!) We exchange cards....but not gifts quite yet. The traditional gift for the 4th anniversary is fruit or flowers...and yes we are one of "those" couples and we get gifts based on that. Goofy I know but we like it.

We went to dinner at The Melting Pot in Wilmington (about an hour from us) and we had this very cozy table. It was tucked into an alcove and was very private. And waiting for me there were roses! Awww...gotta love him! (You can see them in the picture above.) We had the most amazing food and delish! Cheese fondue that had sake in it...lettuce wraps...great meats and veggies...and of course CHOCOLATE! It was DiSarrano White Needless to say we pretty much rolled ourselves out of the restaurant.

So our gift (we decided to just do a joint gift - to us, from us) is a wine fridge. It was hard to figure out something that fit into the fruit or flowers tradition. But in a round about way it does fit. Follow me on fridge to put wine into which is made from grapes which is a fruit...see perfect sense! We have to figure out which one we want and go get...maybe this weekend?...but that is okay. Doesn't have to be on the exact day!

Hopefully next year we will have a little addition to our family and we will trying to get our nice dinner out in before they wake up! Can't wait for that.

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