Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thank you Dr. Joel!

I have switched my BCP to taking them at night! Yay! Thanks to Dr. Joel who said I could double up (take another pill in the evening after I had taken it in the morning), I am now nausea free!

So nothing new and exciting...just taking my concoction of meds and enjoying the next couple of weeks until we start the stims. I am trying really hard to not let things get under my skin...easier said than done...and not put the cart before the horse. Although I do find it fun and light-hearted to joke around about how many babies we will have and who will get the extras. (Karen is getting quatro...she asked first!) In some ways it is keeping me grounded leading up to all of this.

And it is official...I will be driving back and forth to Womack for all my appointments. I called Fisher House last week just to double check availability and the policy for reserving a room. Well...they are all booked up. It would have been nice to stay there again but now I will get to see BJ every night...I missed him last time! Hopefully I will only have to drive out there every other day...that would be ideal.


Christa said...

Ugh, that sucks having to drive. Hopefully they won't make you go in every day for a scan!

kate said...

I'm driving too! Sigh. But I think staying at home will keep me much more sane than if I was by myself. How far do you drive? It's about 2.5 hours one way for me.