Monday, October 25, 2010

So... A Change In Plans

We were supposed to have our ultrasound tomorrow (the 26th) but Dr. P is going to be out of the office at the ASRM conference in Denver. So we had to reschedule to Friday....which then was possibly interferring with BJ's eye surgery. Ugh! Why can't life be simple??? Things have worked out in the end and BJ will not have any appointments on Friday and will still be on sick leave following his surgery, so he can go with me. Yay!

So far I have been feeling okay. No really morning sickness yet...although I have had some nausea. My boobs are killing me. Don't look at them, don't touch them even a little (this includes accidental brushing up against them!), don't think about them. Ouch! The only other thing is that my clothes are already starting to get tight. I am definitely not ready to buy maternity clothes yet so I have resorted to rubberbands and belly bands. I do not have a baby bump...I have baby bloat. :/

Some random observations so far....
~decaf coffee is not as good as regular....and it does taste different
~it is possible to drink 8 - 8 oz glasses of water in one day
~having conversations with your drunk friends is hysterical!
~I have never wanted a turkey sandwich so badly

I am keeping myself grounded by reminding myself that each day that I wake up...I am pregnant. I am so thankful for every day that I am....I am not going to take this miracle for granted. It is hard not to worry that something will go wrong...that is totally normal after all we have been through to get pregnant...but we are staying positive. So we are keeping our fingers crossed until Friday and saying lots of prayers!


Christa said...

Huge bummer. Now I have to wait till Friday too!! Patience does not bode well with me lol

LilPeach (aka Laura) said...

Time takes time. Keep busy and it will fly by.

Hope the visitors didn't drive you too crazy!

Jen said...

I woke up this am with two thoughts - wish my hubby a happy bday and wonder the big "if" and I'm left to continue my prayers for you but based on your blog and your experiences thus far take care of yourself and enjoy each and every day with your new body and the miracle within. God Bless you all!