Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Husband Got Some Bling

So our other big news of the week....BJ got his FMF (Fleet Marine Force) pin! He spent months studying, took an oral board exam, had to pass two physical fitness tests, and qualify on the pistol. It is a huge accomplishment and I am so incredibly proud of him. :) It was a surprise that he got pinned on Friday...he really had no idea. And what was even cooler....our FRO (Family Readiness Officer) called me on Thursday and told me ahead of time so that I could be there to pin it on him. I kept it a secret too...and he was completely shocked to see me there. It was an amazing moment for both of us. This was the first time that I got to pin something on him while in uniform....I did his Lieutenant bars at his commissioning but he was in civilian dress.

Most Navy officers don't earn this pin this quickly....and to top it off he started off behind because the classes started right before we got to Lejeune. He was allowed to jump right in and make up those classes. Yay!

So check out the bling.......

This is a picture from the Navy Birthday Ball last night. It was our first ball and it was so much fun. The POW/MIA table presentation was amazing...literally brought tears to my eyes. Could be the pregnancy! So here is a picture of the finished table. They carried in each individual piece...the table, the tablecloth, the rose, the plate, the glass, salt, the chair, the lemon, the candle, the napkin, the place setting. And with each piece they explained the significance of each. It was beautiful.

So this has been a huge week in our house...lots of smiles and happy tears. Finally!


LilPeach (aka Laura) said...

Makes me teary about the table too. I want to know the significance of it all.
So proud of BJ...and I said so on FB. It's been an awesome week.

cowgirltn said...

What a neat post I feel honored to read it. Thank your hubby for serving our country and congratulations on such a neat honor.