Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our Busy Calender

Our calender is getting booked up. It is great to have so much to do but at the same time, a bit overwhelming.

My mom is coming to NC to visit. I am really excited to have her come out and help me do some decorating. While she is here we have several events happening...a tea with the OWC, a wine tasting, and a Mardi Gras party. And those are just the ones we are committed to! In preparation for her arrival, we are spending most of the day today cleaning the guest room and bathroom. Fun.

Tomorrow we are going to a Super Bowl party with some fellow 2nd Dental Battalion members. I am really looking forward to meeting some new people and getting a chance to catch up with those we have already met. I plan on sporting my Seahawks jersey...I am a proud fan regardless of their season performance. This will be one of the last events that I will be able to enjoy a drink. I am actually very excited for that prospect! No better reason to not being able to drink than being pregnant.

We are also finalizing our plans for a couple of trips. We are going to Florida for our niece/god-daughter's christening and out to Seattle for my uncle's wedding. And in my true optimistic form, I will be pregnant for both of these events! I will be in the beginning of my second trimester when we go to Seattle...which means I will be showing. I will get to show off my baby bump to my family. I am so excited for that!

And sometime this summer we will be attending our last DMB concert as non-parents. It will be baby's first DMB utero but still first none-the-less. Upon realizing this, I told the hubby that next year, we would be taking our baby to their first DMB concert. He told me no. :( I am still trying to convince him that if we get lawn seats it would totally work. That and maybe some baby ear plugs. So this might be our last DMB concert for awhile....sigh.

So lots going on for us but it is all fun that!


Christa said...

Good luck with your busy schedule! I still think it's funny that we essentially switched places: you going to Camp Lejeune and me coming here. Hopefully Brandon and I will be finding out his new duty station next week. If we end up staying here we should definitely go out for lunch when you visit Seattle!

LilPeach said...

Nice to know you're cleaning the guest room and bathroom. I appreciate your efforts! See you in a few days.

The Wife said...

Absolutly Christa! I will definitely let you know when we are coming out.