Monday, February 22, 2010

Mom's visit

We have been having a great visit with my mom. She only has two more days with us and of course the weather is now starting to get nice. Figures. It has been an interesting two weeks. We got a crazy amount of snow the first weekend...and then it just stayed cold. And there is not a whole lot to do here in the great metropolis of Jacksonville when it is cold out. So hopefully it will be nice out for the next couple of days so that we can do some outside things. Our evenings have been spent watching the Olympics...GO USA! We did go take the tour of the USS North Carolina in Wilmington. Very cool (especially as a new Navy family!) to see the inside of this ship. It is amazing how each ship is like its own city. We even got to see the sick bay...complete with dental office! It was the highlight for BJ and me...I know we are corny!

The big thing of these two weeks was the Mardi Gras Party at the Officers' Club. It was a lot of fun...however, I wish we could have stayed later but BJ has not been feeling that great and we were both tired and ready to just go home and get in our jammies. We are old. The funniest part of the evening...I realized that I have blog readers that I would have never guessed. (Hi General Ayala!) Yep that's right...the very General that I got to ride with for the Christmas Tour of Homes (there was a blog post about the whole thing) read my blog. Apparently, anytime someone references the 2nd MLG (darnit, I did it again!), there is an e-mail alert that is sent to him. I was embarrassed at first but in the end we had a good laugh about it. He really is a great guy and told me he was glad to read something positive. I just never realized who was reading my blog and quite honestly was never greatly concerned....I just write this stuff out and put it into the universe. I get a comment here or there but really did not think anybody was that interested. And he is the second person to tell me they read my blog....Hi Karen! I think it is pretty cool though.

And since the weather took a turn for the better yesterday....we took the pups to the beach. They love it! We let them off leash and they just run and run. We take puperonis with us so that they come right back to us when we call them...bribery at its finest!

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