Sunday, December 13, 2009

I survived!

I got to experience my first command function (the 2nd Dental Battalion Christmas Party) and my first Camp Lejeune Officer Wives Club function (the Christmas Tour of Homes). I was a bit nervous for both...

The command party was actually kind of fun. Since we really don't know that many people yet, we sat with Lindsey and a couple of other people that work with Lindsey at Headquarters. The food was pretty good and then it was time for games and giveaways! There was musical chairs, decorate your human Christmas tree, and a scavenger hunt. The enlisted were having a great time with all the games and won every single one. During musical chairs, the CO's wife ended up sitting on the Senior Chiefs was hysterical! The CO came over to her and picked her up and carried her off to their table. Very cute! They had some dancing as well but by that time we were pretty tired and since it was on Thursday...BJ had FMF (Fleet Marine Force) training the next morning and needed to get to bed. Not a big deal! We were pretty much the last officers to leave...not sure if that was a bad thing or not. Meh.

On Friday I got to go to lunch with some new friends, Steph and Meg. They are both wonderful ladies and we had so much fun! Our "lunch date" turned into an entire afternoon...lunch and shopping! I think we could have hung out all night but Grey (Meg's little boy) was not having much fun towards the end. He was ready to go home and get some dinner! Poor little one...the three ladies wore him out.

Saturday, BJ and I got some decorating done in our new house. Our guest bath has lavender walls...our aqua/brown shower curtain was just not working in there. So we got a new shower curtain and a couple of accessories that go much better with the walls! So much easier than painting! And our stuff was over 3 years old...time for new!

After that adventure, I had to get ready for my first Camp Lejeune OWC event...the Tour of Homes. I got there on-time (yay for me!) and was chatting with a wonderful woman named Ellen. Her husband is a Major and she is from England. She went to get a drink before the tour started and they had us get into our groups. I stood next to this lovely blond...I introduced myself and she introduced herself...turns out she is the wife of BJ's CO. She was so excited that we were in the same group. They had us carpool and when I asked if I could ride with someone (BJ had dropped me off), she grabbed my arm and said "you can ride with us". not sure if I should but okay. As we were walking to the car, she pulled me close to her and said "we're riding with a General tonight". My mouth just dropped...I was pretty sure that this was not a good idea. Junior officer wife with CO's wife and General and his wife...usually frowned upon. But they insisted. Turns out the General is not just any old General...he is the Brigadier General of the 2nd MLG...basically BJ's CO's CO. Oiy!

In the end I had a lovely time with them and they were all very gracious. The homes we toured (there were 6 of them) were absolutely beautiful...if only I had the time, money and patience to decorate like that! I wished I had brought my camera but it would have been in poor taste to take pictures anyway. Trust me though...gorgeous! So after all the touring, BJ met me back at the O'club and we had a couple of drinks with our little tour group. We had a great time talking with the General and his wife and the others that were seated around us. Let's all say a small prayer that I did not step on any toes or break any etiquette rules during the evening...if I did I am sure that I will be the talk of the OWC!

So today was a lazy day.....we like those! BJ is enjoying watching his Eagles. They are currently ahead of the Giants...Go Eagles! And he was oh so happy that Dallas was beaten by the Chargers...if Philly can pull it off tonight they will hold first place in the NFC East. That will make for a happy hubby!

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