Sunday, December 6, 2009

A day of exploring!

We took some time to explore today. Lindsey (our temporary houseguest) needed to go look at a couple of houses. So we went for the drive and to offer our opinions about the two homes. Our first stop was Snead's Ferry. The house was nice. It took awhile to get out there...glad we did not get a house out there. I need the civilization!

From there we drove through the back gate to the base. We decided to stop off and check out the LCAC. It is an amphybious assault ship. Lindsey and BJ got to ride on one Friday and the ships were going to be at the beach all weekend moving troops off the main ships and back to Lejeune. There was also supposed to be some unloading and loading of tanks...we thought it would be cool to see this. So we got to Onslow Beach and parked the car. Then we had to walk up to the secure area. A few minutes of the LCAC was coming towards the beach. We got to see one land(?)! The OIC came by and remembered Lindsey and BJ from Friday...he ended up letting us take a tour. It was so cool! Here is a picture of me and BJ standing on the loading ramp...

We took a little tour of the Onslow Beach is going to be so much fun in the summer! You should all come down and visit little cabins that you can rent out for the week, lots of beach space and tons of shells to collect.

So we then went over to Swansboro and looked at another house that Lindsey is interested in. It was a fun day and BJ and got to discover what we would like in a house if/when we ever buy.

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