Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finally some pictures of the new house!

So it has been 11 days since we moved to North Carolina. On our first full day here, our household goods (aka our junk/stuff/shit!) arrived. This was a great thing since it meant that we did not have to be without things for very long. We chose to just have a delivery and not have them unpack us. I really wanted to wash/clean things as they got unpacked. Not really a big deal since we have a two car garage to stash all the boxes until they come to pick them up...which happens tomorrow! The downside was trying to find things in boxes that were not marked...such as our computer tower. Kind of important for regaining internet access. BJ had to have unpacked 10 boxes before finding the tower...that makes for a huge mess in the office! It is pretty much the only room left to be organized.

Our drive down was good. It took 9 hours and only one stop which was a combined puppy pitstop, BJ and Susanne pitstop, gas up and food. We have gotten smarter about our road trips! (Our first trip to South Carolina in 2008 we made lots of stops for each little thing.) We arrived at the house around 5:00pm (1700 for all you military friends and family!) and had a slight moment of panic. There was no electricity on! Thank goodness my wonderful husband is so smart...he checked the fuse box! Sure enough the main switch had been flipped off...easy fix. We already new that we had no water until Monday...long off to Wal-Mart to get bottled water and survival food. It was an experience!

BJ had to check into his command on Tuesday...found out this is a long process. He has a whole page of things/places he needs to get done/go to. Not really an issue except that it means he has to do a lot of running around on base. That means he has to have the car and leaves me stuck at home without one. As many of you know, I was in a car accident and the car was totalled. We are working on getting me a car but for now we have to share! Thanksgiving liberty (time off for holidays) started on Wednesday at 7:00am. We had Thanksgiving dinner at the Officer Club with BJ's classmate from ODS, Lindsey. The food was good and it was nice to just go eat and talk and not have to worry about cooking and cleaning!

The rest of the weekend, we spent most of our time unpacking boxes. That means we are all unpacked and now like I said earlier...just the office to organize and our bathroom needs some stuff put away. We did drive to Wilmington on Saturday afternoon...just to start spreading our wings and venturing out of our immediate area. It was a nice few hours and a great was a beautiful day. We are planning to go back soon (it is only about an hour away) and tour the USS North Carolina and walk the waterfront.

So here are some pictures.....

Our house from the street

The new washer and dryer...yay!

dining room

family room...and a start of the Christmas decor...that's another post coming soon!
So this is just a start of the pics...I will be taking more as we get rooms done and presentable for pictures.


Geoff said...

The house looks beautiful. I hope all is going well.

BJ and Susanne said...

Thanks Geoff!