Sunday, November 7, 2010

Go Navy!

Game time! Notice all the Midshipmen in the corner?

We got to go to the Navy - East Carolina University game yesterday. So much fun! And the best part....Navy won! Huge! 76-35....the Navy does not take Pirates lightly. :)

We went with some friends and we all met at Ruby Tuesday's in Greenville (home to ECU). We filled up on some yummy food...can you say Lobster Mac and Cheese? Yum!....and then headed over to the stadium. We found a place to park and made the hike to the game. It was quite crowded at the gates but the line went quick. Then it was the long walk up the ramps to the upper bleachers....pretty sure the air was much thinner up there! We arrived at our seats just in time for the game to start...phew!

Navy got the ball first and scored a touchdown on the opening drive...yay! But then ECU answered back and they kind of teeter-tottered back and forth for the first half. But Navy came alive in the third quarter and never really looked back. It had started to rain and had gotten a bit chilly out by the fourth we decided to head out since it was 62-35 with 10 minutes left in the game.

Sun setting near the end of the third quarter

After we got back to the car and we were headed out of town (with a quick pitstop back at Ruby Tuesday's for dinner!) we heard that the final score was 76-35. The Midshipmen had scored 2 more touchdowns! Awesome!

We had such a great time! Can't wait to go to a Navy home game!

A little wind blown and rained on but having a great time!


LilPeach (aka Laura) said...

Go Navy is right! Glad you had an awesome game to go to. I'm sitting here in my Seahawks gear waiting for the game to start in about 45 minutes. I'm torn. I want the Hawks to win but Eli Manning is the QB for both my fantasy teams.
I'm betting the little peanut loves football!

Scottie Mom said...

So jealous that you got to see the game... We had to listen to it online. The Mids have been so up & down this year...I just hope they play like they did on Sat when they play Army. It will help with the sting of losing the CIC trophy.

I bet Baby Steady As We Go loved the lobster Mac & Cheese! And his/her first Navy game! Need to get the "Go Navy Beat Army" onesie! ;-)