Friday, November 5, 2010

Accepting Reality

I am most definitely pregnant. We had out 2nd ultrasound and baby (or Nemo or Rio or Alpha...this child already has so many nicknames!) looked great. Heartrate is 148 and our little one is measuring 7 weeks 4 days (7w4d) and I was basically right on target. It is amazing to see this tiny little baby on that screen and know that it is in there and growing! We are finally letting it sink in that we are going to be parents...a little tiny person's mom and dad. Whoa.

But my biggest reality check....nausea. I have horrible nausea. I try to be a trooper and mutter through it but it is starting to kick my ass. And while I don't enjoy throwing up at all...I wish I was. At least I would have something to show for feeling so crappy. :/ The worst part of it is that it hits anywhere between 4 and 6 pm...just in time for BJ to get home. I feel pretty okay all day until that time and then I hit the brick wall and all I want to do is lay on the couch and not move. I guess this is my reminder that I am still pregnant.

My clothes (pants really) are getting snuger (is that a word???) by the day but I am getting by with button extenders and loose shirts. I actually just ordered some maternity shirts from Old.Navy...I am thinking they will at least be long enough to cover my too tight jeans and pants! I may have to go check out Mothe.rhood Matern.ity and try on pants in the next few weeks. I have discovered that ON will not work for me at this point....they just don't fit right.

Our big announcement for today is that we have decided to be Team Green. This means that we will not be finding out what the sex of the baby is before s/he is born. Since this will be our only child, this is our one and only chance to have that moment in the delivery room. A chance for my husband to look down and tell me "It's a _____!" I know some people are going to be shocked because I am super anal about things but I am actually very at peace with this decision. I think what helps is that I can do the nursery neutral in the beginning and since we are most likely moving some time around the baby's 1st birthday, we can do something more gender specific and a bit more grown up at our new place. The joys of being military and getting to move every so often! I love the idea of getting to re-decorate every 2-3 years. :)

And since I was a slacker last is the picture from last week. I did promise to put the picture up. :)

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Scottie Mom said...

Great photo! Glad all is going well!

I thought team green meant you were going with cloth diapers until I read on... It gave me a giggle!

Keep us updated!!!