Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Baby's Nickname

Several of my friends have come up with nicknames for this little one...Nemo, Rio, Alpha. BJ and I have pretty much stuck with Nemo. It works for us...the movie has huge references to dentistry! But really it goes to the opening of the movie.

Remember the attack of all the fish eggs? In the end there was only 1 egg was the one that became Nemo. That is defintely how we feel...just 1 little, lonely egg that somehow against all odds has become our baby. It is truly a miracle.

I do love all the other nicknames though...and my friends can refer to this baby as those names whenever they want...they all have a little story.

Alpha - This is the name given to our embryo from my friend Karen. We are military and before we even started stims we would joke around about how many embryos we would transfer and referred to them as Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta after the phonetic alphabet. We knew we would transfer up to at least 3...possibly 4, knowing that the chance of all of them sticking was fairly low. In this joking around, I told Karen that she would be taking Delta because we only had room in our current vehicles for 3 carseats. Of course in the end we only had Alpha...and Karen is off the hook for taking care of Delta.

Rio - My best friend Steph came up with this one. During my bedrest period following my transfer we had a crazy amount of rain over about 3-4 days. There was flooding and roads being closed all over the place. I joked around on FB that if I did get pregnant that I should give my child a water-related name. Of course my friends had no problem coming up with some hilarious names. Steph's contribution was Rio...not only for water but of course the lovely Duran Duran song! She took a couple of days and gave it more thought. She decided that since we live in a world of acronyms that Rio stood for Reached In Ovary. She cracks me up!

Honestly if it was not for such great girlfriends who make me laugh and keep me grounded I would not have had such a positive attitude while going through IVF. Don't get me wrong...I had bad days. Days that I would be so pissed off at the world. Days that the sight of a pregnant woman would send me straight to tears. Days that newborn babies would cause my heart to break. Days where I would see parents yelling at their children in the store and have to talk myself out of taking the child home with me. But through all of that...I smiled and carried on. Found the good in every day and tried to always be positive about what was going matter what. I certainly don't think that is what got me pregnant...that would be Dr. P!....but I really believe in the power of positive thinking. Surrounding yourself with positive energy and shutting out the negativity in your life...focusing on what the goal is. To have a healthy baby.


LilPeach (aka Laura) said...

I love you. Simple as that. I am so grateful and proud that you are my daughter.

one-good-egg said...

love the name nemo might have to steal it for my own egg! We found out yesterday evening that our beta was a good enough to be considered pregnant! I'll be following you :)

cntrygrl23 said...

you know that I love you and my little nemo.

cntrygrl23 said...

you know that I love you and my little nemo.