Friday, April 2, 2010

Final Beta

It is officially negative. No baby in 2010 for us. We are going to cycle again just not sure when. We have the option to cycle in June or August...going to have to talk that one out and decide for sure this weekend.

I am actually at peace with this negative. Nurse D explained that she and Dr. P will sit down with my stim sheet and decide how they are going to change things up for the next cycle. We talked about the why's and why not's of this cycle and that for the next cycle we are going to be more conservative with our decision to move forward. If it looks like we are getting a poor response...we are going to be quicker to cancel. No more gambling with 1000's of dollars. I think I deserve a nice big glass of wine and some sushi for dinner tonight. I think I should get a present too but not sure if that will happen...presents just make everything better!

Thank you everyone for your love and support through this whole process. I really have enjoyed reading your comments and knowing that I have "my team" behind me. Of course when we get our little one...I expect all of you to come babysit! :) And if it is more than one little will be required to come help!

So, some things I going to look forward to until our next cycle:
- riding the rides at Busch Gardens with my hubby, brother and sister-in-law
- doing a beer tasting at Busch Gardens (I think they have that there! If not then we will go taste beer somewhere else!)
- wine tasting at the O'club! Yay!
- April and May parties at the O'club! again Yay!
- depending on when we cycle...tailgating at DMB in Virgina Beach
- sex with my husband...okay maybe that should have been at the top of the list! lol


Barb said...

I'm so sorry about the bfn. ((hugs)) I will will be rooting for you during your next cycle. But for now, enjoy your break!

kate said...

I, too, am so so so sorry about the bfn. Praying for you. Hugs!!!