Monday, October 19, 2009

He's okay!

Got a call from BJ yesterday in the late afternoon. He made it to Rhode Island and got all checked in. His roommate got there a bit after him. His name is Ricardo Tubbs...although I thought BJ said his name was "Joe Scott". I had asked him how everything was going and he said "My roommate just got here." I heard it as "My roommate, Joe Scott, is here." So when asked while I was on the phone what his roommate's name was I said Joe Scott. BJ says to me on the other end of the phone..."Who is Joe Scott?" I said "your roommate" and he replied back "uh, roommate's name is Ricardo Tubbs." So from now on...his roommate will be know as Joe Scott. :)

So anyhow, he arrived safely and was going to get some dinner with Joe Scott before they officially began ODS at 8 pm last night. He said today would be an admin day and that he would be able to call me at some point. He sounded very excited to get the journey started and even gave me his address. If anyone wants that...just e-mail me, facebook message, or call and I will give it to you!

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