Friday, May 15, 2009


I love rollercoasters. The anticipation as you climb the hill. The exhilaration as you travel down the other side. That feeling like your heart is going to burst out of chest as you hit all the curves. My stomach leaping with every crest. Just love them.

I do not, however, enjoy it when my life feels that way.

This has been an up and down week for us. It started out great...the countdown was on until we leave for Seattle. I had just bought a few new clothes to bring on our trip. Life was looking pretty good! Then I got "the phone call".

My aunt (who was like a second mom to me growing up) had been admitted to the hospital again. It did not seem so bad. She just needed an adjustment of her medications. She had been very sick for a few years, so this was not a huge surprise. But the next mom called me and BJ and told us that my aunt had passed away that morning. One week before we were supposed to leave for Seattle. One week before I was going to make a special trip to her home to go visit her...just in case she would not be able to make it to our family party later in our visit. She is gone and my world stopped for a moment. My heart breaks for my uncle and my cousins who are now left without a wife and mother. For her grandson who will never really know her like I did. When I needed her the most...she was there. She held my hand through the toughest times and for that I will be forever thankful. I love you Auntie Liz!

So then it was time to continue the ride.

We got word from BJ's recruiter that his application package is now at the selection committee. This is it! The board should meet sometime next week or the week after and hopefully we will know whether or not all this hard work has paid off. Will we get stationed in Washington state? Or somewhere new and different but equally exciting. I am beyond words excited for and proud of my husband. He has worked so hard to get to where he wants to be. I love you baby! So now we wait....

My vacation has started and I am so happy to not have to go to work until after Memorial Day. Hope everyone enjoys their holiday!

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