Monday, May 4, 2009

Good Odds

BJ found out from Lt. Bart (his recruiter for the Navy) that right now there are only 2 dentists listed on system. BJ and one other person! This list is Navy wide, so that is a great sign. He is listed as pending...which is basically that he is awaiting for the application to be approved to get sent to the board!

We went to Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs on Saturday for the running of the derby. We met up with Katharyn and Neil and then placed our bets. We have no really betting stratergy...just pick them out of thin air! I picked #3 (Mr Hot Stuff) because I liked the name, #9 (Join In The Dance) again I liked the name, and #11 (Chocolate Candy) because I saw Seattle Slew mentioned with all his info and the reminded me of home. BJ picked #12 (General Quarters) because he saw a story about the owner/trainer and he thought the story of how he got to the derby was really cool. Alas none of our horses won! Although my #9 was leading for a bit. Now hindsight being 20/20, I may have picked #8 because of the jockey...I remember him winning before and he has a pretty cool background. But we made our bets really fast and did not really look at the betting sheet until it was too late. Katharyn and Neil, on the other hand, won! They bet #8 to win...lucky ducks!

I enjoyed a Mint Julep...not the greatest drink but hey it was the derby and isn't that what you are supposed to drink? We even had fun betting between the four of us on the last two harness races. We eached picked our horse and then whoever's horse won had to buy a round of drinks. BJ "lost" the first race and then Neil "lost" the second race...we were laughing so hard and cheering for our horses to not win! People around us probably thought we were nuts...oh well!

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looking4#3 said...

Stopping by after your warm welcome on TTC over 35. So nice to have others that understand where you are!!! Thanks!!!