Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back from vacation...back to reality

Our vacation was great. We had absolutely the most gorgeous weather during our trip to Seattle. We got the chance to go to Mt. Rainier on Thursday. Nothing more I can say but...breath-taking. Here is a beautiful picture of "my mountain"....

This was the first trip (We have been out to Seattle 5 times before this one.) that BJ was able to see the mountain so clearly and so up close. Our last trip out in February 2008, it made a brief appearance but it was a bit hazy. We got a picture of it from the top of the parking garage at Bellevue Square but this time was amazing.

We went with both my brothers and my mom and Margie. It was a fun road trip and we all had a great time. We got to play in the snow, see waterfalls and even a few birds. We capped off the day with a stop for dinner at Red Robin...mmmmm burgers!

The rest of trip was spent with family. We had my aunt's funeral on Friday, a baby shower for my sister-in-law on Saturday after that we went to my uncle's to have "Celebrate Liz Day" and then on Sunday we had a cookout at my grandparent's house. It was so awesome to see pretty much everyone in my family. Even my great-aunt came up from California as well as my other great-aunt and great-uncle.

The cap-off of the weekend was that my brother and his wife asked BJ and me to be god-parents for their first child, Olivia. She is due to born in mid-July and we were beyond thrilled for them to ask us. So now another trip to Seattle will be planned! A few pictures of right after they asked us...

BJ, James, Jessica, Susanne

Susanne and Jessica

Baby Olivia June

My sister-in-law is a beautiful mom-to-be! She really is all belly and other than the yucky morning sickness...she is doing great. Although she was not happy with me predicting that Olivia would be born on July 20...her due date is July 15! Hehehehe!

So after a long 12 1/2 hours traveling back home (yes that is correct!), we are back in the swing of normal life again. Work, play with the pups and kitties, and waiting to hear back from the Navy! We did find out that the next board review will be in 1-2 weeks. We had just missed the last one...of course.

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