Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pictures From The Past Couple Of Weeks

Just a little warning that this is going to be very picture heavy.....

During the last couple of weeks we have been very busy! We had our first Dining Out...a formal dinner evening with lots of fun and jokes. They have toasts and also combined a Hail and Farewell with it. The evening lasted several hours and we did not get home until after 11:30. The following morning was the Coastal Carolina Dental Society's golf day. We had a blast...even though we were 13 over par. Personally, I thought that was fairly good since we had never played before really and the other two in our foursome were not that great either. This past Friday we had a Family Fun Day for the 2nd MLG. Lots of great food, helicopters to check out and fun stuff for the kiddos. Can't wait to go to one of these with our own children and watch them having fun!

The hubs and a few of his shipmates during the Dining Out

Parading of the Beef...kind of. Lots of fun and jokes during the dining out.

BJ getting ready for a day of golf.

"Seriously!?! 443 yards? You do know that I can only hit this stupid ball about 20 feet right?"

One of the wonderful helicopters that flies over our house on a regular basis. There was a family fun day for the 2nd MLG...they had bouncy things, helicopters, tanks, and animals!

Trying to hitch a ride!

Remembering his trip in this vehicle to the gas chamber was a fun day for him.

Team Dental during the tug-of-war

The famous Brig. Gen. Ayala of the 2nd MLG. He will be PCSing (moving to those that are not military) this summer and I am going to miss him. He has been so supportive and appreciative of both of us during our first few months here. Every single time I see him at an event or function, he remembers exactly who I am and is always making sure we are doing well with the transition to Navy/Marine Corps life. Ooh-rah, Gen. Ayala! You will be missed!


kate said...

Are you cycling in August at WAMC?? If so, we'll be in the same group! Yay!! And hugs!!

The Wife said...

Yes I am!