Monday, May 3, 2010

An interesting weekend...

So BJ and I were hanging out on Saturday for most of the day....relaxing in the backyard, wishing we were hanging out with our friends back home making bets for the Derby. So we decided that we would go get some dinner and that required showers for both of us...this is not going where you think it is. BJ went first and not long after he got out, we heard 3 a gun firing or a firework going off. Me being the concerned citizen...kept my butt safely on the couch. And my husband being the big, bad Sailor that he is....kept getting ready for a couple more minutes. He came downstairs and asked if I had heard that noise that sounded like yes.

So he opens the front door and by that time the neighbors are all stirring. So after so investigating...BJ finds out that some dumbass did a drive-by! And apparently earlier in the day, the police had been called to the house that got shot for a "disturbance"...probably something domestic. The background he got was that the person that they believe to have shot at the house was the ex-boyfriend of someone who lives there. Needless to say this kind of freaked me out. We are now definitely going to get an alarm system before he ever deploys. Hell, maybe I will be one of "those wives" and move home while he is gone....on second thought, um no. BJ did see the car drive away and he it looked like a young guy driving the car and there was some kind of Marine sticker on the back window. So all I can say is....WTF Marine! And also chalk up one more reason to not have a gun in our house.

So we did go out for dinner at a nice little Italian restaurant in Emerald was good but not the best. We would go back but it was not like the little Italian restaurants back in NEPA. :::sigh::: Our waiter gave us some other restaurant recommendations and hopefully we will get to try them out as well. It has been fun trying new places and picking some places that we can take family to when they come out to visit.

Sunday was date day and we had so much fun! I made Macadamia Nut Pancakes and Maple Veggie Sausage for yummy! Then we went to a little sports place in Jacksonville and hit a bucket of balls at the driving range. (Have I told you that we are playing in a golf tournament at the end of this week?) After our bucket of balls...we played 9 holes of golf. So much fun but we were sweating buckets. It was about 90 degrees yesterday...we are both a bit sunkissed. And I now have a list of things to buy in preparation for our golf outing on Friday....cooler for beverages, towels to wipe off clubs, glove, more balls (BJ lost about 9 of them! For the record I only loss 4!) and a visor with a built in sweatband. It was really nice to have a day together doing something fun...I hope that those days of it being just the two of us are numbered though. ;) Afterwards, we came home and made hotdogs on the grill and had a beer! Best date day ever....well, at least in May 2010. LOL!

So now another week begins. And it is a busy one. I am doing my normal big clean of the downstairs today and the upstairs tomorrow along with shopping for what we need for the week today. Wednesday is Cinco de Mayo and there is a fun Happy Hour at the club and should be a good time. Thursday is the Dining Out for the 2nd Dental Battalion...BJ has been on the planning committee and from the sounds of things it should be fun. (I will have post for how this goes!) Friday is the big golf tournament...oiy! Thank God we are not the only ones who have never really is more for fun than anything else...and I may be the only woman playing. I can see it and cigars after...yay.

Oh and as I am writing this, there are mortars being blown up in the distance. It is so strange that this has become a normal sound to me....along with the sound of helo's (hehehe...I said it right!) above us. Gotta love the Marines! Ooh-rah!

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