Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am an aunt (again!)

My brother James and his wife Jessica had their little girl today! It is their first child and they are very excited that she is finally here. BJ and I are, of course shamelessly, sharing the news as "the arrival of our god-daughter"...even though we had very little to do with any of it. Would it be in poor taste to send out announcements? Just kidding!

James sent me one picture so far of Olivia June. It was a text message picture so the quality is not the greatest but I am going to share anyways.

How precious is she???? My mom says she looks like James as a baby...I don't really remember what he looked like but I definitely see my brother in there and she does look a little bit like Jessica as well. My favorite describtion of how/who she looks like comes from my wonderful husband...."she looks like a baby, a squishy baby, a fresh squishy baby." Too funny! So I will let you decide here is a pic of James and Jessica from our wedding....who do you think she looks like?

Congrats to James, Jessica and baby Olivia! We can;t wait to come and visit you all! And just so it is on record....when we do come and visit, I get to hold her the WHOLE time! :-)

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