Monday, July 20, 2009

Finally...a weekend with no big plans!

BJ and I have had a very busy summer so far. And the way it's going to continue to be busy. As it stands right now, every weekend in August has plans except one! Just give me some time and I am sure that I can fill that up! This past weekend was one of the rare ones this summer where we had no real plans and just kind of did whatever.

Friday we went to the Holy Cross at Buttonwood bazaar. Now for those that have no clue as to what this is the short version. Holy Cross is the church that BJ's grandmother (his dad's mom) attended before she died. Every year they have this big bazaar as a fundraiser. The church puts up a big tent and they have bands that play, dollar wheels, instant bingo tickets and games for the kids to play. But the more important thing is the FOOD! BJ's grandmother was one of the pierogi makers for many years and BJ and his family would always go to the bazaar to meet up with his cousins and pig out on all the fantastic bazaar food....pierogis, potato pancakes, haluski, wimpies (sloppy joes to us normal folks!) and funnel cake. Now that we are older this list also includes beer! :-) So the two of us went and hung out at the bazaar and ate and drank a little but it was pouring rain...this equals not so much fun. We left and headed to Rodano's to meet up with Kristen and the Brians. Who do we run into there? Cousin Diane, her fiance Paul and her three kids, Deanna, Mikey, and Mikayla (hope I spelled that right?)! It was nice to just hang out and catch up!

Saturday, we had a laid back day...dogs to the dogpark in the morning, hair appointment for me in the afternoon, bike ride after that and the relaxed for a bit until we went to Keri and Geol's for a get together. On Sunday, we slept in and then I went and had lunch with my friend Sandi. Came home and chilled out for awhle then we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse followed by the bazaar again but with Kristen. This time we ran into BJ's Aunt Bev and Uncle Tom and his cousin Tammy and her fiance Gary and awhile later Tammy's two boys, Austin and Dawson. Again so much fun to catch up with them!

So now it begins another week...

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