Thursday, April 26, 2012

IVF #4 Is A Go!

Day 1 of shots is done...tomorrow starts the big guns.  All of those same feelings are surfacing again...but yet they are different.  I have Madison...that makes failure a little less painful.  If we fail, my family will not feel complete but I will know that we tried and it is time to move on.

But I need to let hope live...I need to push the scary feelings away and focus on hope.  Today I will hope!


Dru Clark said...

I have been ttc for about two years now with two failed iui's. my dh and i have been doing acupuncture for 4 months and still no luck. i was emailing my girlfriend at work and her doctor (she is a dental asst) read the email i sent her about doing IVF. The doctor gave me your blogspot address. reading your journey makes me have some sort of relief knowing i am not alone. i am also at camp lejeune. i was wondering how were you referred to womack army hospital. did tricare help out with the cost? tia

Anonymous said...

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