Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I was enlightened today...

I now know why one is pregnant for 9 months and then gives birth to a helpless, lovable little baby. If humans gave birth to a 5 year old...creation would have stopped at 3 people. Adam, Eve and little Adam Jr. I got to spend the day with a 5 year old today! And I get to hang out with him again tomorrow. But I have to say....I am worn out!

I learned today that little boys are full of lots of questions and most of them are "Why?". Which for the record is not easy to answer. When you give them the answer to their first why...they then want to know why you need to do that. And while I swore I would never be that mom that answers back..."Because I said so."...that is what I had to resort to. Although I have to admit that if it was not for his little sponge of a mind...I would have forgotten my cleaning products that I needed at Target! He was really cute when he told me that I forgot to get my cleaning stuff.

But like I said earlier....I am tired. I have a headache. There is a handful of ibuprofen with my name on it. And possibly a glass of wine. Along with a nice hot bath. Is this why all the moms I know REALLY like their wine?

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alimac33 said...

5 year olds can be a little much. We spent the morning with one the other day, and we had to take a nap afterwards!